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Monday, 18 August 2014

Hello college!

This time i'm typing with my ipad, normally i use my laptop but i'm too ill to move and reach for it. Yes i'm not very well today. A little flue. Blogging on a day like this.. Awkward. 
Anyway, i can't believe it i'm finally a college student. I feel awesome but nervous at the same time. Is anyone with me?? XD even though i haven't been through the orientation yet but i am practically a medical student at Riau University. I've gotta be honest, this wasn't my first choice at all, but it was my parents. I've always wanted to continue my study abroad like to UK or Japan. Its one of the dreams of my life. But if you know my parents then you'll know what the answer is. A big fat "NO!". Mom allows but daddy no. Yeah, i'm mommy n daddy's little girl even if i have a sister below me. Anyhow, i've already been through those miserable days of begging "mom, dad, PLEASEEE!!!" And trying to convince them that i can already take care of myself. I got tired of it soon enough and tried to accept thay they'll NEVER let me go far away alone. 
So i did. Now here i am still in pekanbaru as a brand new student of the Medical Faculty of Riau University. I still have time about 13 days until the actual lecturing starts and i already have my books and medical equipments with me. The med books were like THIS thick (if you could imagine that) and super heavy. LOL. Well, lets always be thankful and grateful for everything that Allah has given to us. 
Almost forgot..
Congratulations for everyone who passed the entrance exams to their chosen Universities. lets do our best in this new world and spend our time through it with joy and passion to become a better person and to learn more about the world. What ever major you are in, or what ever university you entered, it doesn't matter. The important thing is how YOU FACE it. Destiny awaits us all with a beautiful plan if we struggle with all we have and never forget to pray thanking Allah for everything.


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Dhany Febriantara said...

"with all we have" hmm
the words was reminiscent of my dreams first
and nice post with your great reminiscent and i give a thumb hahahaa
#bad english

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