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hy! im irene, an ordinary girl that loves music, reading, movies, singing and really appreciate friends n family :)
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Saturday, 30 March 2013

congratulations mommy and daddy

well hy..
its a fine day today, im at home sitting on the couch and enjoying my weekend.  im imagining about what i've just been through. 2 days ago it was the day where my daddy was finally oficialized for his profesor titile.we're proud, he's happy, my big family and the other profesors of UNRI attended the ceremony at the rektorat buiding,it was so crowded with so many people at home, but everything went well and now its just the 5 of us again (me,mom n dad,my sis n my broth)..
anyway, here's some snaps of the event

by the way, last month it was my mom's graduation too, i didnt get to post it at that time, so i'll just do it now.

congratulations for you both :)
may allah always gives you the best of everything and easens your life .. amin :)
and for us 3 ( me, my sis n bro) lets make this a motivation for ourselves, keep spirit in seeking for knowledge and experience, and NEVER give up....

Sunday, 24 February 2013

long time no news from me..

dear viewers..
lebai-lebainya nih, uda berapa tahun iren ga nge-blog.. hahaha :)
ya, kira-kira uda setahun lah ..
sebenarnya banyak banget yang pengen iren share dengan viewers sekalian sejak terakhir kali posting .. kayak kegiatan magang di SBU (Malaysia), pemilihan siswa pertukaran pelajar ke jepang (JENESIS), olimpiade, liburan, dan kegiatan terakhir yang iren jalani dan masih panas-panasnya yaitu PIK R ..
but dear viewers, im not gonna share about my experience now, maybe on the next article.
its been so busy recently, so i dont have enough time to manage this blog...
so for all viewers, i hope ur doing fine and always give me inspiration and advices..
'till we meet again on the next posting :)